Purchase and register TCamRemote to get a fully licensed component including one year of support.

Registered users are entitled to one year support and download of upgrades after purchase. All users can download the trial version, but the registration details are changed between releases. Registered users can ask for registration details for any version of TCamRemote, as long as the version are produced within the one year period. After one year an upgrade license can be bought enabling upgrade of additional one year, with the same terms as above.

TCamRemote can be purchased online using secure payment services from PayPal. Bank wire is also possible and is the most secure way to pay directly to the author. Please send an email to get more information.

The price for a new license (including 12 months of upgrades) of TCamRemote is 200 Euro for the ActiveX and Delphi VCL precompiled version and 350 Euro for the Delphi VCL source code and the ActiveX source code version. The price for a 12 month upgrade license is 125 Euro for the ActiveX and Delphi VCL precompiled version and 175 Euro for the Delphi VCL source code and ActiveX source code version. The registration code is normally sent within 12-24 hours after purchase.

What is PayPal?

As soon as your payment has been accepted you will be automatically sent an confirmation email. The registration details to unlock the software will then be sent the next business day (Swedish time).

Note: European Union residents must pay Swedish sales tax @ 25%.

Note: European companies must email their VAT number to the owner of TCamRemote in order to purchase TCamRemote without VAT through PayPal.

Refund Policy: Please try the software before you buy as refunds cannot be given once the software has been purchased.

Purchase and register TCamRemote using PayPal: