Evaluation of TCamRemote

TCamRemote is available as a registered version and as an a trial period version for evaluation. The registered version consists of all source code implementing TCamRemote, including all documentation and template applications. The trial version (evaluation of TCamRemote) consists of precompiled objects of TCamRemote that can be used to test the TCamRemote functions. No function is disabled in the evaluation version. The trial period is 60 days from the time the TCamRemote component is used for the first time. A program which uses TCamRemote trial version will also have a trial period of 60 days.

It is possible to extend the evaluation period. Send a request to the owner of TCamRemote.

The TCamRemote trial version can be registered by entering a registration code and name in the RegCode and RegName VCL fields. When TCamRemote is registered all applications using the registered version will have no limitation and will have no time trial restrictions.

Links for details about purchase of TCamRemote and download of TCamRemote