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Screen shots page of Cam4you in german.

Cam4you utilities (version 6.0.0B0) screen shots

Cam4you utilities main dialogue

Component Description
Source directory for pictures  The root search path that is used when getting pictures from the computer instead of the camera. This is used when selecting the 'Get pictures from computer' menu.

The main dialogue with camera menu selected

Menu Description Dialogue
Connect Starts a connection to the camera.  
Disconnect Disconnects from the camera.  
Select language... Display a window to select language for Cam4you.  
Properties... Shows Cam4you properties dialogue. See Cam4you properties dialogue below.
Quit Exits Cam4you utilities.  

The picture menu

Component Description
Get pictures from camera... This menu will show the Cam4you filemanager dialogue.
Get pictures from computer... This menu will show the Cam4you filemanager dialogue., but will get pictures from the directory chosen in 'Pictures source on computer' and search 'Depth' subdirectories below. The filename of the pictures must be equal as they are stored on the camera (for instance IMG_0002.JPG)
Take picture remote... This menu will start the Cam4you remote program.
Upload pictures... Thie meny will show the Cam4you upload pictures dialogue.

The USB menu

Component Description
Add USB autostart When selected Cam4you will start when your camera connects to your PC using USB.
Delete USB autostart Delete the USB feature described above.

The Email menu

Component Description
Email pictures Shows the send email dialogue, from where you can send emails from Cam4you with pictures as attachments.
Send a request for function When selected the send email dialogue is shown, with the To; Subject; field filled in. Just enter your request in the body part, and send small attachments if you want.
Send an errorreport When selected the send email dialogue is shown, with the To; Subject; field filled in. You must have Debug enabled in the About menu, because the log-file from Cam4you is sent with the mail.
Send a question As "Send a request for function" but with a question instead,

The About menu

Component Description
Debug When enabled debug messages is sent to a log.txt file. This file can be sent together with an error report.
Automatic web updates When enabled Cam4you searches for an update on Internet from Cam4you homepage, each time the program is started.
Search When selected Cam4you search for an web update from Cam4you homepage.
About Shows an about dialogue.

Properties dialogue


Component Description
Username Proxy user name.
Password Proxy password.
Server Proxy server.
Port Proxy port.


Component Description
Your Name -
Your email address -
SMTP server The email server you use
UserID The userID you use when sending mail.
Send test mail Sends a test mail to the email address specified above,

Filemanager dialogue

Component Description
The file list box This is the list of files on the camera. When a new item has been selected in the list box, the filename and picture data are loaded and shown.
Select subdirectory and filename button Shows the filename select dialogue.
Picture comment memo box Text in this memo box will be added to the COM-tag to the JPEG picture transferred to the PC. This tag can be read with JPEG software like Thumber. Remember to press the Apply button when changing the text.
Apply button Press this button to store the  new text written in the picture comment.
RAW download option INot used.
Moview recompress options Displays a window with codecs used when recompressing movies.
Computer directory To this directory will the pictures from the camera be transferred, after the Transfer button is pressed.
Select all button Selects all items in the file list box.
Unselect all button Unselects all items in the file list box.
Preview pics Shows the Preview all pictures dialogue.
Transfer button Starts transfer of all selected files in the list box to the directory pointed out by Computer directory.
Delete button Deletes all selected pictures.
Card spin control Selects which card to use, if your camera has more than one flash card installed.
Option menu Shows the option menu. 

Filemanager menu option

Component Description
Use ZoomBrowser filenames If enabled files is transfered from the camera stored on your PC with ZoomBrowser filenames as follows: 

XXX=Library (value according to library Spin control)
ZZZ=IMG for image, STA, STB .. for stitch

Create subdirectory with date If enabled the pictures are transferred to a subdirectory with name equals as the date when the picture was taken. The result is that all pictures taken during one day will be stored in the same directory on the PC.
Use date/time as filename Stores pictures with filename according to when the picture was taken in format:

yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss.jpg

Email pictures Emails the pictures you receive when you press the transfer buttons, by showing the Send Email dialogue after all files has been transferred.
Show hint If enabled the hint feature (yellow box for each control) is enabled for all components on this dialogue.
Add transformation to comment If enabled all transformations is done by Cam4you added to the comment (Com-tag) for the picture, see comment memo tag in the filemanager.
Open explorer after transfer If enabled Windows explorer is opened with the destination directory.
Open custom program after transfer... If enabled is a program selected by the user opened after filetransfer.
Recompress movies Recompresses movies when enabled.
Set read-only to transferred files. -
Download movies to directory... Downloads movies to a specific directory when enabled.
Create TXT-file with EXIF-information Creates textfiles with EXIF-information for each picture downloaded, when enabled.

Filemanager preview pictures dialogue

The pictures that is shown in this dialogue has been selected in the filemanager dialogue, and the thumbnail has been acquired. To get the menu above right click a picture. Green text means that the picture is selected.

Component Description
Rotate right 90 Rotates the selected pictures 90 degrees to the right
Rotate left 90 Rotates the selected pictures 90 degrees to the left
Rotate 180 Rotates the pictures 180 degrees.
Convert to Gray Converts a color picture to gray.
Compression Will show a dialogue where the user can enter a compression value for the picture from 1..100 where 100 is the best quality.
Resize to full Will resize the picture to full size.
Resize to half Will resize the picture to half full the original size.
Resize to quarter Will resize the picture to a quarter of the original size.
Resize to eight Will resize the picture to an eighth of the original size.
Add comment Adds a comment to the picture. This is stored in the COM tag in the JPEG pictures. The comment is also available in the filemanager.
Clear transformations Resets all transformations specified, for the selected pictures.

Filemanager filename select dialogue

This dialogue is used to define the format of the filename when the file is transfered.

Component Description
Computer directory: The destination base directory for transfered pictures.
Subdirectory: The name of the subdirectory. This directory is added to the base directory.
Add subdir button. Adds a '\' in the Subdirectory to add one more directory level.
Filename: The filename of the transfered picture.
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