Cam4you functions

Below is a list of some functions that are available in Cam4you utilities

  • Transfer pictures, sounds and movies from camera to computer, with few clicks and easy to use interface.
  • Burn the transferred pictures and movies to CD-R/DVD during file transfer from camera.
  • Upload pictures to camera
  • Taking pictures remotely from PC. This function is not supported by PowerShot S20, S10, A50, Pro70, A5 Zoom, and A5 cameras.
  • Record an AVI-movie including sound using the camera viewfinder.
  • For some cameras it is possible to set parameters (i.e. shutter speed) when taking pictures remotely.
  • Watch preview photos and attributes (such as shutter speed) of pictures on the camera
  • Multi languages support
  • Add comments to your photos
  • Preview all picture in one window
  • Rotate pictures losslessly
  • Resize and change some attributes like compression quality
  • RAW file handling. Converts to TIFF and BMP
  • Extracts EXIF information to text files
  • The EXIF-tags are always written back after a JPEG transformation has been done.
  • Delete pictures in the camera
  • Drag and drop functions
  • USB autostart selection
  • Collect pictures that are stored in a PC drive (if you have a CF-reader for example)
  • Movie and audio recompress function
  • Automatic and manual web updates
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